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Coast Guard says Cougar Ace is stable and listing 60 degrees near Aleutian Islands, Alaska


Adak, Alaska

Coast Guard Video of sailors hoisted up to helicopter (.69MB)

The Cougar Ace maintains its position 240 miles south of Adak in the North Pacific Ocean. As of noon Tuesday, the ship is listing 60 degrees to port. The keel and the propeller are out of the water.

It is stable, and does not appear to be sinking.The Cougar Ace maintains its position 240 miles south of Adak

After accomplishing the primary mission of safely evacuating the stranded crewmembers, the Coast Guard continues to monitor the vessel for possible environmental threats and hazards to navigation. For this purpose, the Coast Guard cutter Rush is on scene with the Cougar Ace. A small boat crew, deployed from the Rush to more effectively observe the Cougar Ace, described the oil sheen around the vessel as "very light".

No one will be permitted to board the Cougar Ace at this time.

The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation is monitoring the situation, and has offered their help if it becomes necessary.

Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, the vessel's owners, have contracted a commercial salvage company. The salvage company is expected to arrive on scene within a week.

Mitsui O.S.K. will also be responsible for further transportation of the rescued crew members.

The Coast Guard is actively engaged with state, local and tribal officials in making preparations in case the salvage company requests to tow the vessel into Alaskan waters.

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