Alaska's Corrupt
Bastards Club

The name "Corrupt Bastards Club" has been widely used to designate Alaska legislators implicated in a massive ongoing federal corruption investigation.

A separate investigation of Alaska's fisheries industry involving Republican Senator Ted Stevens and his son Ben is expected to snag many high-profile fisheries executives and their cronies in Alaska and Seattle.

Congressman Don Young has reported nearly $2 million in legal bills - and he hasn't even been arrested - yet.

Former governor Sarah Palin has had 21 ethics complaints filed against her.


So far the massive FBI-IRS investigation has snagged two Alaskan Republican members of Congress, one of their aides the ex-president of the state Senate , six state legislators, two lobbyists, two VECO executives and their families, the former chief of staff of corrupt ex-governor Frank Murkowski, and a former businessman who paid bribes to a legislator.

If you have any question as to where there FBI investigations are heading, listen to this.

AUDIO: FBI recording of convicted oil company bagman Bill Allen engaged in a conspiracy with Conoco/Phillips Alaska president Jim Bowles - June 6, 2006
Allen tells Bowles "just between me and you, I've got Pete Kott...and Ben doing it." Bowles tells Allen the best possible outcome will be to "get this thing stopped."

Recent editorial cartoons on AlaskaReport

Lyda Goodfellas Murkowski the skunk The Godfather CBC club

The Heroes

Nicholas Marsh
DOJ prosecutor Nicholas A. Marsh
Edward Sullivan
DOJ prosecutor Edward P. Sullivan
Joseph W. Bottini
Assistant U.S. Attorney Joseph W. Bottini
James Goeke
Assistant U.S. Attorney James A. Goeke
Mary Beth Kepner
FBI special agent Mary Beth Kepner

The Rats

Jim Clark
Ex-Murkowski chief of staff Jim Clark
Bill Allen
VECO President Bill Allen sentenced to three years
Rick Smith
VECO VP Rick Smith sentenced to 21 months

The Criminals

Beverly Masek
Ex-state rep Beverly Masek (R) - Plead guilty to bribery March 12, 2009
John Cowdery
Ex-state rep John Cowdery (R) - Fingered by Bill Allen for taking bribes. Sentenced March 10, 2009
Ted Stevens
US Senator Ted Stevens (R) - Convicted of 7 felonies, got off on misconduct by prosecutors
Pete Kott
Ex-speaker of House Pete Kott (R) - Sentenced to six years in prison
Tom Anderson
Ex-state rep Tom Anderson (R) - Sentenced to five years in prison
William Bobrick
Lobbyist William Bobrick - Sentenced to five months in prison
Vic Kohring
Ex-state rep Victor Kohring (R) - Sentence to 3 1/2 years in prison

The Suspects - The Short List

Ben Stevens
Ben Stevens - Disgraced son of convicted senator Ted Stevens (R) - Fisheries bribes, VECO bribes, and more. Fingered by Bill Allen for taking bribes
Trevor McCabe
Trevor McCabe - Cohort of convicted senator Ted Stevens - Received money funneled from Stevens for illicit business transactions. Sea-life Center scam in Seward sticks out.
Don Young
Congressman Don Young (R) - Campaign contribution bribes, Jack Abramoff scandal, VECO bribes, Troha scandal, Coconut Grove scandal, etc... Former aides ratted him out now to feds
Bruce Weyrauch
Ex-state rep Bruce Weyrauch (R) - Fingered by Bill Allen for taking bribes
Frank Murkowski
Ex-governor of Alaska Frank Murkowski (R) - Accepted illegal polling from VECO for over $20,000. Former aides were to testify against him
Lisa Murkowski
US Senator Lisa Murkowski (R) - Funneled taxpayer money for a road to her vacation home in Kenai, Alaska.
Alaska Fisheries
High-profile fisheries executives and their Juneau cronies who bribed multiple Alaska legislators including Ben Stevens

The Final Target

Oil companies
Alaska-based oil companies that bribed politicians, engaged in racketeering for years, and - in collusion with corrupt politicians - engaged in a conspiracy to rob Alaska of its oil wealth - and still continues to do so to this day.







"Kick this guy right in the nuts for the camera"



Bill Allen and his crooked family leave the Anchorage court house after sentencing

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