Sarah Palin's Home Address in Wasilla Alaska

We thought we'd post this for anyone that would like to pay Sarah a visit

Sarah Palin's mailing address is 1140 W Parks Hwy, Wasilla, AK 99654. Sarah Palin once said she'd like to meet everybody who voted for her. Here is her address, stop in and say Hi! In the winter you can walk out onto the ice and walk up to the house.

Sarah Palin's home address

The Palins are currently building a new mansion, You can see those pictures here. Now they'll have space to park their two planes.

From Time Magazine:

The Palin family lives on Lake Lucille on the western end of town - she's always maintained her residence here, even though the Capitol is a long flight away in Juneau. It's a perfectly Alaskan lake: still waters ringed by evergreens and saw-toothed peaks, staged beneath a wolf-colored sky. You can just make out Palin's house a stone's throw from the public launch at the Best Western Hotel, by the red and white floatplane on the small dock out front (the governor's husband is a pilot in addition to being an oil worker, commercial fisherman, prior Iron Dog snowmobile endurance race winner, and self-anointed "First Dude").

Take the Glenn Highway north out of Anchorage about 40 miles into Wasilla. Make a left at Lucas Road and follow the map above. She doesn't mind visitors, just walk right up to the house and say hello!

Palins home in Wasilla

From Zillo blog

Sarah Palin’s house, located at 1140 W Parks Hwy, Wasilla, AK 99654 is a two-story framed structure on a couple of acres, built in 2002 with a poured concrete foundation and no basement. According to Alaska magazine, the home was designed and built by “First Dude” husband, Todd. The home has an appraised value of $552,100, according to the Matanuska-Susitana Borough real property land details.

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