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Juneau, Alaska sets record for rainfall


Juneau, Alaska

By Dennis Zaki -
Juneauites are used to getting hammered with rain, after all it is a rainforest, but this year has been ridiculous. Measurable precipitation was recorded on 109 of 153 days from April through August. That surpasses the record of 106 days set in the spring and summer of 1973, according to the National Weather Service.

Rainy Juneau Alaska

Rivers and streams have overflowed and gardens have been ruined by oversaturation. North Douglas Island, (attached to Juneau via a bridge) had 5.45 inches in just two days last week. By comparison Los Angeles averages 11.5 inches a year. Juneau averages around 91 inches of precipitation a year.

Just one other spring and summer in 1961 recorded a trace more rain than the 30.18 inches that fell from April though August.

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