Alaska's Democratic Convention May 16th, 17th, and 18th 2008

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Diane Benson

Barack Obama addresses Alaska's Democrats

Commentary by John Creed
"Earlier this year, backers of another-and completely separate-ballot initiative gathered enough signatures to appear on the 2010 ballot. If voters approve this so-called "Anti-Corruption" initiative, it would wipe out the new Clean Elections law (assuming Clean Elections passes in August).

That means Alaskans face a rocky road in their quest to clean up one of the nation's most politically scandalous states: Alaskans are being investigated, indicted, tried, convicted, and sent to prison for political corruption crimes to include fraud, conspiracy and bribery in connection with the oil industry and other corporate interests.

With the current disreputable focus on Alaska, one thing is certain: Alaskans from across the political spectrum are fed up, indeed outraged, as revelations continue to cascade into the public eye about crimes the state's politicos have been committing behind closed doors for years."

By John Creed -
One of the youngest delegates at the Alaska Democratic Convention taking place in Palmer this weekend believes the nation's public education system needs a serious overhaul.

Zaki Blog - Diane Benson gave one hell of a speech today at the Alaska Democrats Convention in Palmer. I really screwed up by not videotaping it. Here's some of the quotes. "But underneath it all, who am I? I am a woman who wants to change the face of politics." ...

Zaki Blog - Senate candidate Mark Begich addresses the Alaska Democratic Party Convention at the Palmer Fairgrounds May 24th, 2008. (Video posted on the blog).

Zaki Blog - Senate candidate Ray Metcalfe addresses the Alaska Democratic Party Convention. Missed a small part at the start. (Video posted on the blog).

Text version of Ray's speech

Zaki Blog - "Benson's speech was spectacular and got a huge roar from the crowd. Ethan's was great too and had the crowd going after mentioning the Republican's corruption."
Diane Benson's Speech (Audio)

Text version of Diane's speech

Ethan Berkowitz's Speech (Audio)

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