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Latest Poll: Palin leading Knowles by 9 points


Anchorage, Alaska

Republican Candidate for Governor Sarah Palin continues to hold a sizable lead over her next closest opponent in the race for Alaska Governor.

Sarah Palin

According to a poll conducted by Anchorage-based Dittman Research and Communications ending October 22, Palin is leading Democratic candidate Tony Knowles by 9 percentage points.

"It's encouraging to see numbers like that," said Palin. "But that doesn't mean we are going to stop the work we are doing. We need to continue to spread our message about positive change for Alaska. On November 7th, we'll all see the only poll that matters."

In a breakdown of the numbers, Palin has 48% of the vote to Knowles' 39%. Independent candidate Andrew Halcro slipped to 4% in Dittman's poll.

Source: © Sarah Palin Press Release

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