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Palin Sacks Murkowski Crony Clark

December 7th, 2006

Juneau, Alaska - In a move widely expected, governor Sarah Palin dropped Jim Clark from the Gas Development Authority Board today.

In a move widely expected, governor Sarah Palin dropped ethically-challenged Murkowski appointee Jim Clark today from the Gas Development Authority Board.

The ethically-challenged ex-chief-of-staff was appointed by ex-governor Frank Murkowski in the last hour of his term.

From Palin's press release: Governor Sarah Palin today removed Jim Clark and Richard Schok from the Alaska Natural Gas Development Authority Board and replaced them with her own appointments. Clark and Schok were appointed to the ANGDA board in the waning hours before Governor Frank Murkowski left office. Opting for Alaskans who will provide objectivity and new energy to the ANGDA board, Palin reappointed Fairbanks resident Andy Warwick to fill Clark's seat. Lorrie Hovanec of Anchorage will fill Schok's seat.

"Alaskans voted for change," said Palin. "Not just at the top level, but throughout government. Mr. Clark is on record opposing any pipeline proposals outside of the one he helped craft. That's a bias the ANGDA board doesn't need."

Lorrie Hovanec will replace Richard Schok, Jr. of Fairbanks. Hovanec is an Anchorage attorney who currently serves as Trust Officer and Vice President of the Wells Fargo Alaska Trust Company. She has extensive experience in land use issues and has an over-arching knowledge of tribal consultation requirements in relation to pipeline permitting. Hovanec also has a thorough understanding of Native land ownership and the history of ANCSA and ANILCA.

"Lorrie's perspective and professional experience will be an excellent addition to the ANGDA board," said Palin. "She has an eye for detail and a talent for working through complex issues quickly. I look forward to her contribution to Alaska."

From Governor Palin's Press Release and AlaskaReport News


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