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Republican Jim Gibbons under FBI investigation for bribery

May 12, 2007

Reno, Nevada - An ex-partner of Reno-based defense contractor Warren Trepp claims that he saw Trepp give Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons cash and casino chips worth "close to $100,000" while they were on a Caribbean cruise ship.

Republican Jim Gibbons under FBI investigation

Software designer Dennis Montgomery was on the same cruise with Gibbons and says he estimates the trip cost "probably $20,000 a person."

Montgomery says his former business partner Trepp chartered a 727 to fly guests from Nevada to Florida and back and picked up the tab for penthouse rooms, private meals and expensive wines.

The Associated Press asked Gibbons' press secretary, Melissa Subbotin, to comment on the NBC report and she referred to the governor's previous denials of allegations against him made by Montgomery.

"We have already commented on these false accusations," she said to the AP.

Gibbons last year was caught employing an illegal immigrant in his home hiding her in the basement when he had visitors.

Gibbons also used his powers as a United State's congressman to aid Sierra Nevada of Reno to obtain federal defense contracts while he and his wife, Dawn, accepted tens of thousands of dollars from Sierra Nevada.

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